EROTIC MOMENT - Touch Me (Sex Mania)
DINA GAD - Crack The Whip Second vs (Thank You)
MIJO - Ganz Falsch (Roam Recordings)
ACUD - Verbrennungsmotor (Keller)
OTHER LOVE - Gaz In My Tank (Overlover)
SIMPLE SYMMETRY - Yalla (Culted)
JULIAN STEFFER - Wall (Ancient Future Now)
JUAN MACLEAN - Panic In Fort Greene (Razor-N-Tape)
CAIN - Tumbi (Highlife)
UC BEATZ - Itératif (Entrepot Records)
SPACE ECHO - Together EP (Luv Shack Rec.)
M.ONO - 1640 Riverside Drive (Suol)
GLOWINGS PALMS - I Don't Need This Man (Ruf Kutz)
BELL TOWERS - My Body Is A Tempo (Unknown To The Unknown)
ROGUE D - Resampled Minimono Rmx (Housewax)
WINK - Perth (Running Back)
DAPHNI - Face To Face (Jiaolong)
BEARFACE - Sista (Beartone Records)
PARADISE PIZZA - A1 (Paradise Pizza)
CINTHIE - Ada Lovelave (Crystal Grooves)
HIGGINS - Looking Back (Kaviar Disco Club)
HDSN - Lucky Aid (Nbast)
MAN POWER - Valhalla (Me Me Me)
BAWRUT - Ciquita (Ransom Note)


LA BIBLE - L'Expulsion Du Paradis (MFP)
ZMATSUTSI - Keep An Eyes (Macadam Mambo)
NOEMA - Jourouadon (The Magic Movement)
ORTMEK - O Zil Dans (Ortmek rec.)
ADAM PORT - Roots Edit (Keinemusik)
COTTAM - EscravosDa Jo (Ele Records)
BASTIEN CARRARA - Mybd Lovin' (Nouhad Records)
JUAN MACLEAN - Panic In Fort Greene (Razor-N-Tape)
DITONGO - Berimbau (Degustibus Music)
JUAN MACLEAN - Everybody Clap (Razor-N-Tape)
CHASSE - Displaced Keys (Rose Records)
KASPAR - Jacksteppa (Percebes)
ADAM PORT - Do You Still Think Of Me (Keinemusik)
JOHN SWING - I Say House (Relative)
CHARLIE - Spacer Woman (Mr. Disc Organization)
DREEM LION - Acid Se Con Do (Culted)
BASTIEN CARRARA - Liveset (Nouhad Records)
SECONDO - Nine Toms (What About Never)
AUSTIN ATO - Ben's Groove (Me Me Me)
SICKDISCO - Kick Cave (Sickdisco)
AUSTIN ATO He Can Ride (Me Me Me)
EE003 - A1 (EEE)
SHAPESHIFTERS - Lola's Theme Rmx (USDJ1)
ANTHONY FADE - Fm Weak (SB Traxx)
BLACK BONES - Homeward Bound (Black Bones)
ANTHONY FADE -M1 Cause Everyones...(SB Traxx)
ARTWORK - Acid Lines (Unfibished Records)
KOMEL KOVACS - Panda (Unknow To The Unknow )
BEARFACE - Mumbai Nights (Beartone Records)


MATT KARMIL - Tel Me Why (Studio Barnhus)
DITONGO - You Know Nothing (Degustibus Music)
WAFFLES - 07 B1 (Waffles)
SLAUBAS - Hare Hare (Culted)
THEO KOTTIS - The Get Down (Beautiful Strangers)
KX9000 - Find X (Pont Neuf Records)
BEARFACE - March (Beartone Records)
PHIL WEEKS & D.ALLYNE - Loop Edit Fx (P & D)
BEARFACE - Siesta (Beartone Records)
THEO KOTTIS -Acid Disco (Beautiful Strangers)
HURLEE - On The Floor (Black Jukebox)
JOHN SWING - Keep Movin (Relative)
CEDRIC2 - Takin The Easy Way Out (White Label)
KORMEL KOVACS - Metropolis (Unknown To The Unknown)
JOHANNES ALBERT - Covered Call (Fine)
JOHANNES ALBERT - Hollyhead Highness (Fine)
KORMEL KOVACS - Babasonic (Unknown To The Unknown)
ARTWORK - Let Go Of This Acid (Unfinished Records)
FAKUNDO - TTT (Wrong Era)
SCOTTY BOY - Hey Mr. Dj (Instereo Recordings)
SALARY BOY - Cry (Shadow City Records)
DJ DAN - Squissh (Instereo Recordings)

COSMIC 33 FOR B.A.S. (july 2018)



NEUROTIC GYM (June 2018)

ALICE GALLOY - Petite Cosmogénie (Propo Rox)
I:CUBE - Etire En Avant (Versatille
UC BEATZ - Playground Ep (Entrepôt Records)
DJ ANTOINE - You Make Me Feel (BpmDance)
JIVE TALK - Love Jones (Not For You...)
CHEVALS - I Can Prove It (Kolour LTD)
SHAKARCHI & STRANEUS - Steal Chickens From Men...(Studio Barhus)
JIVE TALK - Percussie Sanway (Not For You...)
DOS ATTACK - Beast Love Mode (Turbocapitalysm)
LK - Summer Of 93 (On Loop)
HERR 2003 - Bourdonnement De L'Amour (Discotheque Fantastique)
TODH TERI - Deep In India Vol.3 (Todh Teri)
COOBER PEDY UNIVERSITY BAND - Kookaburra (Animals Dancing)
TIGA & CLARIAN - Stay Cool (Turbo)
MARCIN KRUPA - Jazz Whith Some House Elements (Sour Edits)
XXXY - Lights Up (Sour Edits)
LK - Dreams 2 (On Loop)
GEORGE FEELY - Halfway Crooks (Random Mind State)
ARI BALD - First Class (Better Listen)
FELIPE GORDON - The Glory (Lovedancing)
MOSCOMAN - I Ran (Disco Halal)
WAFFLES - A1 (Waffles)
TECH SUPPORT - Get Down (Astropical Tapes)
DISCO JUICE - DDHG Edit (Nice Recordings)
CHASSE - Displaced Keys (Rose Records)
FREIBOITAR - Blew My Mind (Black Jukebox)
FUTURE FOUR - Connection (Phantasy)
ARMONICS - Human (Slow Motion)
PALE BLUE - Have You Passed Throught This Night (Me Me Me)
ITALIA 83 - JM Beats (Editions Haighton)
STUDIO 89 RECORDS - A1 (Studio 89 Records


ROMANSKI - Zünd Ab Ghee (OYe Rec.)
DANTRAXX - Foolin' Around (White Label)
UC BEATZ - Playground Ep (Entrepôt Records)
MELLAH - #2 (Mellah)
SHAKARCHI & STRANEUS - Hammond Fireworks (Studio Barhus)
LOVE CREATION - Land Of Hunger (Love Creation)
SIMPLE SYMMETRY - Yalla (Culted)
BOOGYMANN & FRIENDS - Do The Groove (Superhuit)
BOOGYMANN & FRIENDS - Everybody (Superhuit)
DORSI PLANTAR - Boogie Sunrise (Better Listen Rec.)
UC BEATZ - Itératif (Entrepôt Records)
MATT KARMIL - All Together (Studio Barnhus)
LAROZE - It's Been A Pleasure (DKO)
SKYRAGER - Beat Girl (H.I.T.D.Rec.)
SHARIF LAFFREY - And Dance (Special Forces)
TOMMY VICARI Jr. - Forty Days (Rhythm Cult)
TODH TERI - Sampadan 8 (Todh Teri)
KEITA SANO - Can't Wait The Party (LPH White)
TIGA & CLARIAN - You'Re So Special (Turbo)
CLUB BIZARRE - Les Filles (Discothèque Fantastique)
MELLAH - #2 (Mellah)
MEZIGUE - Tu Me Manque Mumu (DKO)
TODH TERI - Sampadan 7 (Todh Teri)
SHAKARCHI & STRANEUS - Waayaha Cusub (Studio Barhus)
TECH SUPPORT - Taking It Back (Astropîcal)
SHAKARCHI & STRANEUS - K&Fs Favorite (Studio Barhus)

JONNY ROCK - Mashrou' Leila (Hamam House)


CUTZ - #2 (Cutz rec.)
LTJ EDITS - Bringing Me Over (Samosa Records)
RUNAWAY EDIT - Don't Let Go (Let's Play House)
THE SOUL PILOT - Craving (Les Cidres)
SCHENKEL SPREIZER - Büchsenöffner Vol.6 A1 (Schenkelspreizer)
CHEZUS - Special (Beer)
MATT KARMIL - Meg (Studio Barnhus)
RAFA KAO & CAM HARRIS - Gratitude (Tinnie House)
LULUXPO - Piscine Palace (Paradise Children)
ENZO ELIA - 1 Game Of Circle (Compost Disco)
DS - Freddy The Roller Disco King (Schnitzel Cutz)
UNKNOW - Unknow (EEE002)
TIGER & WOOD - Chili Dip (T&W records)
UNKNOW - Yeaming (Sour Edits)
SHADE - Kiss! (Shade)
SOUL CLAP - Moov To The Beat (Reptile Dysfunction)
JACOB KORN - Old Man In Love (Let's Play House)
J&AG - Vitamin Loops ((Let's Play House)
KOLJA GERSTENBERG - Erdball (Monologue Records)
RUFF STUFF - Kiss Of Death (B.B.C.)
SYLVESTER - Dance Disco Heat (Nervous)
RUFF STUFF - Balla (B.B.C.)
SCHENKEL SPREIZER - Büchsenöffner Vol.7 B1 (Schenkelspreizer)
TIGER & WOOD - Moonswing (T&W records)
JACOB KORN - Wrong Way (Let's Play House)
YANN POLEWKA - Luv Me Baby (Roots For Bloom)
MOOD II SWING - Move In (Music For Your Ears)
WAXWING - Do It For'Em (Re-Fix Recordings)
JOHN SWING - Sintomi Di Gravità (SPS)
SIMPLE SYMMETRY - Yalla (Culted)





KERRY CHANDLER - The Eye Tattoo (Max Trax)
SCHENKEL SPREIZER - Büchsenöffner Vol.7 A1 (Schenkelspreizer)
KERRY CHANDLER - The Tapes (Max Trax)
RED RACK'EM - Place For Me (Bergerac)
VALERIE DORE - Get Closer (T&W Rmx Running Back)
FATTISH - Get Seher (Hamam House)
BLUE MONDAYS - Blood Is The Rose (Enzino)
BAWRUT - Chien De Temps (Hard Fist)
ENZINO'S VS BIGOTE - Maestrus (Enzino)
OTHERLOVER - Gas In My Tank (Overlover)
RED AXES - Round (Life & Death)
KC FLIGHT - Planet E (RCA)
NAME - Side Effect (Velour)
SHIT HOT SOUNDSYSTEM - Kannushi (Black Riot)
NAME - Nobody (Velour)
SEBB JUNIOR - Heaven (La Vie D'Artiste Music)
SMBD - Supreme Flava (GAMM Recordings)
MIKE DUNN - Have It 4U Babe (More About Music)
K-NIGHTS - First Of ... (Live Jam Records)
OSSIE & GREYMATTER - New York Tears (Unique Uncut Rec)
POSTHUMAN Ft. JOSH CAFFE - Preach (Dixon Av.Basement Jam)
POWERDANCE - Muscle Groove (Powerdance)
MIKE DUNN - Acid Rush (More About Music)
SNEAKER - Magic Fly (Bahnsteig 23)**
KERRY CHANDLER - Oblivion (Soul Heaven Records)
BLACK TRAXX - Your Mind Is So Crazy (Night Club Rec.)
PITTSBURGH TRACK AUTHORITY - Feel Good (The Harmony Society)
SHALL NOT FADE - Adryjano (Shall Not Fade)
DJ MES - No Love Lost (Guesthouse)
SHALL NOT FADE - Dj Boring (Shall Not Fade)
MIKE SIMONETTI - That Look In Your Eyes (Perseo Records)
SCHENKEL SPREIZER - Büchsenöffner Vol.7 B1 (Schenkelspreizer)


KERRY CHANDLER - The Bar (Max Trax)
SEAN INNIT - Tepumashin No Dabumikkusu (Black Riot!)
OZERBEY - Mihrimah (Disco Hamam)
TODH TERI - Deep In India A1 (Todh Teri)
FOC EDITS - Demdir Dem Bu Dem (Disco Hamam)
TODH TERI - Deep In India B1 (Todh Teri)
ZIGGY PHUNK - One Way Street (Black Riot!)
SECRET SQUIRRELS - 16 A1 (Secret Squirrels)
RED AXES - Kalacol (Life & Death)
KYLE HALL - After Fall (Vibes New&Rare Music)
SESSOMATTO - Moody (Shield Re-Edits)
NORM DE PLUM - Another Flow (Plumage)
CHEVALS - Tres Racas (Homage)
SECONDO - What About Never (White Label)
DOC DANEEKA - Better Dayz (Walk Man)
ART OF TONES - I Just Can'T (Terrence Parker Rmxes)
LK - A1 (Shall Not Fade)
JEAN-MICHEL GASCUEL - Dominus (Deviant Disco)
LAROZE - 7 AM Feelings (RTCT Records)

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